Can cats eat raw chicken is a question asked a lot, by nature cats are carnivores so naturally given half a chance will eat raw meat, chicken included.

However todays domesticated kitty is not the same as its veracious meat eating ancestors.

Their diet and intestinal tracts have evolved through domestication and as such are not as adept as their wild ancestors.

With that in mind anybody who has owned a cat can contest that the cat is still partial to eating small wild animals.

Many owners are very happy with a more natural raw food diet, so it begs the question can cats eat raw chicken.

Well the short answer is yes they can, a lot of raw food diets contain raw chicken and is a perfectly balanced protein for cats to eat.

Raw meat is the perfect food stuff for pure carnivores.

can cats eat raw chicken

The problem come with what comes with the chicken, salmonella, E. coli, listeria and campylobacter are a few of the problems of raw chicken which can affect your cat.

So how to avoid these problems.

  1. Buy organic, goes without saying but we don’t want any chlorinated, genetically modified Frankenstein chicken, we want our cat to eat fresh and healthy chicken.
  2. Handle as less as possible, this is for your protection as well as your cat and it goes without saying wash your hands
  3. Make sure the chicken is fresh, that means not leaving raw chicken lying around waiting for kitty to get hungry, it must be eaten immediately.

Sneaky Kitty

If you don’t want your cat to become overnight a raw food dieter cover your food, hide your food, lock your food up

we all know cats are opportunist beasts so make sure that raw food is under lock and key

Oh No, My Cat Ate Raw Chicken

You are probably thinking can my cat eat raw chicken, Don’t panic, your cat has probably eaten a lot worse when you were not looking and has probably acquired a taste for raw frog amongst other garden delicacies.

Just monitor your cat and make sure they are acting normal, they might have an upset tummy but if it gets bad contact a vet as soon as possible

Can My Cat Eat Raw Chicken Bones

This is an easy no, raw bones especially raw chicken bones are soft and splinter into razor sharp pieces.

One wrong step with one of those and its time for an expensive trip to see the vet, so make sure you put those chicken bones cooked or raw straight in the bin with the lid shut.