Cat toilet training, lets face it the biggest draw back to having a cat is the dreaded litter tray, its a miserable task that nobody looks forward to, a cat naturally wants to hide its waste which is a huge benefit to us humans, a good cat litter will mask smells and keep your house smelling clean and fresh.

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However problems can arise when life gets in the way of scooping out waste twice a day, the litter tray gets full and smells start to spread, your cat gets unhappy because they are a clean creature by design and who wants to use a full toilet?

But if you have time and patience there is a way to do some cat toilet training and get your cat to use your toilet just like something out of a movie.

Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System

cat toilet training

This is a cat toilet training system that has been designed to make your cat use the toilet with ease (well as much ease as you can get with cat toilet training).

Very cleverly thought out basically you slowly teach your cat to use the toilet using a series of toilet attachments.

Step 1

First you have basically a normal cat litter tray that fits on your toilet seat, this teaches your cat that this is the place to go to the toilet, this takes 2-3 weeks for your cat to learn to jump up on the toilet and use the cat litter tray.

Step 2

Next you switch to a different disc that has litter placed around a hole, this slowly teaches your fat to stand in the correct way to use the toilet while still having the comfort of cat litter, this again take 2-3 weeks.

Step 3

The final stage is a disc with just a hole in it, by this stage your cat should be happy jumping up on the toilet and comfortable using the disc with a hole and again takes 2-3 weeks, so at this point in just 6-9 weeks you have taught your cat to use a toilet.

Although mixed reviews, the majority of people have had great success with this method, it takes time and patience so don’t think you are going to teach your cat overnight and it really works best with younger cats.

If you can stick with it and follow all the instructions you could be in the amazing situation of having a cat that uses the toilet, imagine no more stinky litter trays, no more expensive cat litter bills, no more dirty feet traipsing around your house.

Now if we can just teach them to flush.