Cat Grooming, Cats generally are incredibly clean animals and take very good care of themselves, however sometimes they need a little help especially if they have a long coat.
Cat grooming can be a really enjoyable experience for everyone if done properly and gives a whole host of benefits for your cat.

Cat Grooming Benefits.

Cat Grooming cat help stop hairballs which happen when your cat eats too much hair while cleaning.

Cat Grooming spreads the cats natural skin oils which makes a healthy coat.

Cat Grooming stops your cat from getting knots in their fur.

Cat Grooming can just be a really nice bonding activity between cat and owner, simulating the grooming a mother cat gives to her kittens.

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Cat Coat Types

Different types of cat coats require different handling.

Short hair for example only requires a small amount of grooming, use a brush or comb to keep you cats coat in tip top condition

Medium coat cats? will require a couple of times a week using a longer tooth comb or a grooming brush, you need to penetrate the coat to reach the roots to ensure all knots are taken care of before they become an issue.

Long Hair cats will require an in depth grooming session, use a longer tooth comb or brush to make sure you reach the base of the fur, especially watch out for the cats belly, bottom and armpits for knots forming, its easier to tackle the knots before they form.

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How To Groom

Make sure you and your cat are comfortable and in a familiar place for your cat, don’t rush straight in with the brush, make your cat comfortable first by petting and making a fuss.

Show your cat the brush and let them get familiar with it first, start with the head and groom in the direction of the cats fur, think of it as stroking with the brush rather than grooming, keep working your way down the body until you have finished if your cat becomes stressed stop immediately, don’t make it an unpleasant experience for the cat.

Another thing you can do is to offer your cat treats to reinforce the positive experience.

Take special care when it comes to the bottom, belly and legs, take it slow and keep your eyes on your cats body language, slow and steady will win the race.

If you encounter a knot, try and tease it out with your fingers rather than attacking it with a brush, this will stress your cat lot less

The most important thing is to keep the whole experience positive, make it enjoyable for yourself and your cat and it will stop being a chore and become a pleasurable part of your routine

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