Fat Cat, Getting Your Fat Cat To A Healthy Weight

Would you believe that over 50% of cats are obese, hard to imagine that the sleek hunting machines we are used to seeing around can slowly become overweight but sadly its a real problem we are facing.

Part of the issue is cats like to eat and we like to spoil them and feed them, most of us don’t even know if our cat is overweight or not.

Health Issues

A Fat Cat is something to take very seriously, obesity can lead to very serious illness like diabetes, liver diseases and even cancer, keeping your Fat Cat exercised and eating healthily will make your cat not only healthy but happy.

What Is An Ideal Weight For My Fat Cat

Obviously this heavily depends on breed and size and we would always recommend regular visits to a vet, as a rough guide an average domestic cat should weigh around 10 pounds although this can vary with breeds.

A vet will be able to tell you if you have a Fat Cat but a few things you can check for yourself.

Does your cat have a nice slender figure when looking at them from above?

Does your cat have a saggy belly hanging down?

Can you feel their ribs when you stroke their belly?

Keep Your Fat Cat thin

A bored cat will eat its as simple as that, a cats natural instinct is to run, chase, hunt and play, they are active creatures and should be slender perfect hunting machines.

Keep your cat active, if they are an indoor cat its imperative they have some sort of stimulation, toys or climbing frame are perfect, give them an excuse to let their natural instincts run riot and keep them active.

Cat toys that make your Fat Cat hunt for their food are great, not only do they trigger that hunting instinct but they also force the cat to eat slower, even a box with paw size holes filled with treats will get your cat active and engaged.

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Ditch the poor quality dry food and switch to a quality wet food, some dry foods are jammed full of carbs and we tend to put a whole bowl down allowing the cat to keep grazing all day long instead of having set meal times, raw food diets are proving to be very healthy and could be the way to go, think what would my cat eat in the wild.

Stop the constant treats, treats should be exactly that a rarity and not a constant source of food.

If you have more than one cat keep an eye on who is eating all of the food, you might find one cat is eating everyone else food.

Keeping your cats weight does not have to be a difficult chore, just think about what you are feeding and try and encourage play where you can.

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