GPS Cat Collar, Keeping your cat safe.

We all know keeping your cat safe is very important whether it be from diseases, roads or thieves. so here are a few hints to help safeguard your lovable cat.

Firstly, all cats get illnesses from time to time so to protect them we get them vaccinated against the life threatening ones as kittens and follow this throughout their lifetime, the common ones we can do our best to protect them from by keeping them indoors, or using good sanitation when cleaning.

If your cat is an outdoor cat you will get problems keeping them away from roads and traffic, you can get your cat neutered which will help them not to wander so far from home, but a cat will jump fences and when they play can sometimes run into the road, this can be quite a problem and not one easy to fix with an outdoor cat.

One way to have a happy balance is if you build a cat run in the garden so your precious cat is contained whilst getting some fresh air and activity, not acceptable to some but I would rather have a safe cat and peace of mind.

Cat Theft.

Some cats are a target for thieves which seems to be on the increase, this is because of the money they attract and people find some breeds popular for their spectacular coat colouring. All my cats are indoor cats but I do have runs for them in the garden during the day, this keeps them safe.

It is very difficult to protect your cat from thieves, a thief will find a way if intent on stealing a cat, there is good money to be paid for their bounty. One thing to help if they are outside pets, is to microchip them which if found they can be traced back to you but unfortunately the thieves have been known to try to cut microchips out from under the skin. Unless the cat gets ill and taken to the vet it won’t be scanned, so it could be years before you know what has happened to your pet.

This is a very worrying trend and one not easily fixed so you can only do what is best for you and your cat to protect them and keep them safe.

GPS Cat Collar Tracking

One solution for keeping an eye on your cats is the new breakthrough in gps act collar tracking, an easy way to find a lost cat or just see what they have been up to, for out door cats this is a great ans a small price to pay for piece of mind

The Tractive GPS cat collar is simply one of the best on the market, it simply works, put it on your cat (or dog) and track with your smartphone app

gps cat collar

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