Dealing with Death of a pet Cat

For me, the death of any pet/animal is horrendous but at some stage it is inevitable, so here are my thoughts on my experience.

Whether it’s through old age or illness, slow or sudden death it is not nice but we all have to go through it, dealing with it is very hard.

Over the years I have lost many pets in many ways and it is hard to describe the pain and heartache you feel. In some cases you have “done the right thing” but in others you have had the decision taken away from you which is still hard to deal with because of the sudden loss, where you feel helpless.

I had a Ragdoll stud cat once and he was so loving and gentle he loved to be around people, dogs and everyone. One morning my daughter said to me she had a dream that night that he had come to see her and sat on the bottom of her bed. Later that morning I found him dead in his bed, there were no signs of him being ill at all and no reason for it, he was 9 years old but that is young for a cat. He had died in his sleep and you would think this was a nice way to go, but the impact it had on us all was so distressing and lives with me still.

But the hardest death to deal with I think, is when you have to make the decision when the vet tells you there is nothing more to be done for them, yes, you know in your heart of hearts it is right but you do not want to do this! but you have to.

The most degrading thing I think, is having to go to the vets knowing you will not bring your loving friend back alive, also you have to walk into a surgery full of people and face what seems like a million questions before you can see the vet whilst crying your heart out and unable to speak properly, you would think by now this could be done privately.

It feels like this is routine for them but to you this is the loving happy cat you have had from a kitten and your baby, I hate this part of having animals and yes, it sometimes has to be done for the welfare of the cat but it never gets any easier no matter how many times you have to accept it throughout your lifetime, but I would not let this one thing prevent me owning another pet.

The actual death is peaceful and calm this way but still you want to be with your baby until the end so it doesn’t die alone without you, this is upsetting.
They give you so much in return and you have to do what is best for them in the end of their life, you can remember them for who they were with such fond memories so they stay with you in your heart forever.

She is just sleeping.

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