Cats and Christmas trees

It is that time of year when everyone asks, “How can I keep the cat away from the tree”

Well it is not easy, because cats are inquisitive and want to help! Cats see everything as a plaything and if they are shiny and different it is fair game.
My experience of putting up the tree in a multi cat home is this:

First I never let the cats help, I keep them out while I put up the tree and decorate it, if you let them help! this gives them an excuse to play with the tinsel and baubles so it becomes theirs, it is their new toy!

Decorations can be very bad for cats, if they get tinsel back their throat they make a weird sound which frightens them and they panic, if they chew the small bits then you can end up with a vet bill for an operation, chocolate decorations are really bad for your kitten/cat, so you must be careful and like a child your cat or kitten will need discipline.

Once you have the tree up have a water spray ready!!! when your kitten or cat goes near the tree squirt it at them with a follow up of pshh noise, keep doing it until they don’t go near the tree, to re-enforce this give them a new toy to occupy them. Don’t make it a game.

All cats and kittens want to help decorate the tree and it is natural to want to watch them have fun, it can be really hilarious to capture those moments on camera, but they won’t know the difference between helping and hindering.

A tree to a cat/kitten is a new plaything unless you show them differently so,( not wishing to be a killjoy,) give them their own toys and activities and get yourself a water spray, you will not harm the cat or the tree by never letting it start in the first instance.

Your cat/kitten will enjoy Christmas and the tree better this way, like a child you have to protect them from injury or harm.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your cat.

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