Cat toy is a fantastic way to get a Fat Cat fit, play is a natural way to get a cat active and there are not many cats that can resist a good cat toy, with a ton on the market choosing the right toy can be confusing.

Cat toys come in many shapes and sizes, from simple feather toys to electronic spinning toys, here are our top 5 favorites.


Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit

cat toy

A really good fun cat toy for your cats, a plastic tube with an electronic ball speeding through it will keep your cats entertained for hours, holes in the tube allows for your cats to reach in and try and catch the ball (very important as a cat will soon bore of a toy if it knows it cant catch it).

A great cat toy for cats of all shapes and sizes, a nice way to keep your cat fit.


PetSafe FroliCat

cat toy

Everyone knows that cats love laser beams, hours of fun are to be had with a laser pointer and a cat and when it comes to exercise your cat will go mad running around chasing a laser beam.

Now imagine you can automate all of that, the frolicat does all of that for you, turn it on and leave your cats to it. Alternatively you can manually use the toy for a more personal game with your kitty.


Amazing Cat Roller Toy

cat toy

A nice and small cat toy, featuring balls that can be spun and chased around the plastic enclosure this is a great way to get your Fat Cat exercised and healthy.

A nice sturdy built cat toy the roller toy will stimulate your cats natural hunting instinct and get them moving and playing.



Catit Senses Food Tree

cat toy

Combining the two things cats love, play and food the catit senses food tree does just that, full of holes for your cat to get their paws into this will make your cat work for their food.

A huge bonus with this toy is it actually slows down your cats eating meaning that greedy Fat Cats will be forced to eat nice and slow as well as having fun while hunting for their food.

With three difficulty settings hours of fun are to be had with this great cat toy. Make sure you get the updated model as the old ones the cats could get their heads in the top and eat all the food.


Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board

cat toy

And number one is the trixie cat toy, this one ticks every box for what a cat toy should be, fun, interactive and energetic. Cats are clever and inquisitive animals and this cat toy sets out to exercise and stimulate your pet.

Five separate activity’s are designed to stimulate your cat?s sense of smell, taste, touch, sight and sound. By placing treats in the toys bowls and pegs your cats will have hours of fun trying to dig those treats out.

Suitable for even the oldest or laziest cat this really is a fantastic cat toy for cats of all ages and sizes.

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