Are two cats better than one ?

This is a question I have been asked many times so to help I will give you some thoughts to consider.

If you have one cat, it will need all your attention but will become very loyal and friendly, you will become its soul mate and family, you will be able to train it with a one to one relationship.

If as a family pet it will be content to be with you all and share each and every one of you equally although it will be closest to the one who spends most time playing and feeding it. You will have a well balanced cat.


As a kitten it will need stimulation and discipline to keep it from getting bored but will give unconditional love, if however it does not get activity, stimulation and discipline it could become very destructive when it reaches the teenage stage.

Two kittens, are a lot to handle at once but introducing another kitten at a later time will have its own problems, so say you get two siblings. This is great for the kittens for a while as they will have each other for company even if the humans are not there, but what mischief they will get up to!

Having two kittens together means they won’t bond quite so well with you and could get jealous of the attention the other one receives, it is hard to give each of them the same attention unless you have a number of humans in your household.

Sometimes two kittens will be good for each other because they are very social animals and love company so if you are working a lot they can play together, so long as you give them the human touch whenever possible to stop them going feral.

So Are two cats better than one ?

Cats in particular are very active and energetic so you need to spend time with them and provide them with stimulation at all times, so having one or two? it is your choice, but think carefully before you decide as a frustrated cat can be aggressive and destructive.

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