Are my cats playing or fighting?

Sometimes the boundary between play and fight between cats can be a very, very thin line, sometimes its best to just let nature take its course however if things start taking a turn for the worse and its obvious its no longer play then action must be taken.

How to deal with full blown cat fights which can become really nasty.

My experience has been that it is usually the females who fight the most, it can be over anything, food, partners, space.

There is no reasoning with cats in fight mode, so best not to try, putting yourself in harms way is not a good idea, a cats’ scratch can be bad enough but if they bite you, you will need to go to your Doctor for a tetanus injection and maybe antibiotics as their saliva can cause blood poisoning.

What you need to do is separate these fighters one way or another, so have either a water pistol or bucket of water (depending where you are) and get them wet, the shock of something coming at them will be enough to separate them but you now need to keep them apart so follow up with the water until they either run off or go in different directions.

Once apart you can get hold of one (but be careful) they will still be angry, then place it in a safe place so they cannot get to each other.
If they fight in this way they will never accept each other no matter what you try, so keep them apart.

You are not hurting the cat in this way, but you are saving them and you from harm, the only harm done is the cat gets wet!
Do however keep an eye on them because they can go into shock from all the trauma, so try to place them in a calm warm area where they can feel safe.

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