Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Post And Scratchpad

You cant take your cat out for a walk (not a good idea) so what better way to keep your cat fit then by letting nature kick in through play, cats naturally want to play, fight, chase and scratch so why not give them something that encourages play and exercise.

Cats scratching is an incredibly natural thing for a cat to do much to the dismay of our sofas and chairs, cats need to scratch to sharpen and groom their claws, mark their territory and to give themselves a good stretch of muscles.

Most importantly a good cat scratching post or scratch pad can be a great way of your cat to get some much needed exercise, even this gentle exercise will be a good start for an obese Fat Cat.

The downside to this is that their natural instinct will easily ruin your sofa, chairs and anything else your Fat Cat can get their claws into.
Here is our rundown of our top 5 best cat scratching posts and scratch pads.


Smart Cat The Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

top 5 scratching posts

One of the most popular on the market, the Smart Cat is a classic designed cat scratching post, big and solid its a popular choice for Fat Cat owners the world over.

Standing at 84cm high its one of the biggest on the market which is great for the bigger cat, allowing them to fully stretch those muscles, although those with smaller apartments might struggle.

Build wise its a good solid piece of equipment with a nice thick coarse fibrous sisal which should last for some time even with the most vigorous kitty attacking it.


A good solid cat scratching post with a nice tall appearance, perfect for the larger cat and bigger living space, those with small living and cats might not use all it has to offer.


PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratchpad Lounge

top 5 cat scratchers

A different scratching post altogether, this wouldn’t look out of place in an expensive loft apartment or art gallery, a beautifully designed scratchpad that doubles up as a bed lounger for your pampered kitty, a great choice for those looking for something that looks stylish as well as practical.

Constructed of a hard wearing cardboard (the cats favorite) this is designed with cats in mind, the curves make for easier scratching & a more comfortable place to rest & play, an interactive design that naturally attracts cats.


A well designed, strong and fun cat scratchpad that is sure to turn heads, the only downside is obviously being made of cardboard it will have a limited lifespan although as a huge bonus, flip it over and you can keep on using for a while.


PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratchpad Lounge

So number 3 is the big brother of number 4, the jumbo version of petfusions scratchpad is a huge thing of beauty, designed for those with more than one Fat Cat this scratchpad can easily accommodate 2 or 3 cats to play.

It even doubles up a two lounge beds (top and bottom) for double the trouble when the cats are trying to sleep, made of the same durable recycled cardboard as its smaller brother this scratchpad is for the big cats out there.


coming in at 99.1 x 27.9 x 36.3 cm, this is for those with big living spaces only, if you have the space this is a must for big boisterous cats and pretty good value for a huge scratchpad.


New Cat Condos Premier Tilted Cat Scratching Post


Moving into the luxury market we have the fantastic Cat Condo, a beautiful designed robust cat scratchpad that really is a piece of art, this is for the person who wants their cat scratchpad to look good and last.

This is something that will last and last, built to survive the strongest of cat the condo is a nice combo of household quality carpet and strong sisal rope, its a chunky feeling piece of furniture very well made and nice and stable when your cats are playing.


This is a fairly high budget scratchpad, if its within your range go for it, you wont be disappointed, stylish and contemporary this is one cat scratching post you definitely wont be hiding when friends come around and built to last for a long time.


PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratchpad


And our number 1 spot goes to the 3-sided cat scratchpad for our Fat Cat, this one just ticks all the boxes, its sturdy and strong comes with a really nice corn starch glue covering, comes in two sizes for even the big cats to stretch out and exercise those muscles.

It might lack the bells and whistles of some of the other scratching posts this basically does what you want it to, be scratched and survive, it has a nice solid feel to it and stays still even with large cats exercising on it, and to top it off, you can flip it around three times for extra durability.

Cat Fancy Magazine 2014 Editor’s Choice Award: #1 Best New Product.


Considering price and robustness this scratchpad comes out on top for us, a hard wearing tall scratching post that your cat will enjoy and should provide some exercise and give your furniture a break.

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