Top 5 Best Cat Tree

The best way of dealing with your Fat Cat is to encourage gentle exercise and good diet, what better way of encouraging your cat to exercise then by giving it something enjoyable and fun to play with, we want to encourage jumping, running, scratching and all the things cats would do in the wild.

Cat trees are a perfect way of offering your cat the environment to stimulate these natural instincts? and get your Fat Cat moving again, here are our top 5 best cat towers on the market at the moment.


Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62 in

best cat towers

A really lovely cat tree, the go pet club is a 62″ high tower, covered in soft carpet and plenty of sisal rope, full of tubes and platforms this will give your cat a real workout.

A nice ladder for the less active Fat Cat and kittens to climb up is a great touch as is the hammock and cat cave

Pretty easy to assemble took just 15 mins and nice and hard wearing


A great cat tree at a good price, plenty of space and things to play with its sure to give your cats hours of entertainment and exercise


Todeco – Cat Tree, Cat Climber

best cat towers

Next up the Todeco cat tree, a very nice designed cat tree with a really soft velvet type covering all over which your cat will simply adore, nice placement of ladders and platforms makes a really fun play area for your cats and a good amount of sisal rope for scratching needs.

Good assembly although pretty basic instructions, feels nice and sturdy


Nice tower at a great price point, a lot of bang for your buck with this one, only concern would be how long the plush covering will last with a heavy scratchy cat


Vepser V-High Base Walnut, Cat Furniture Tree

best cat tree

The clue is in the title on this cat tree, “cat furniture tree” and that is exactly what this is, for those looking for something to fit in with a decor then this is the one for you.

Beautifully designed and elegant looking you certainly wont be embarrassed to have this cat tree in your living space, with a walnut lacquer and incredibly high quality rope this is something that has been built to last.

Comes at a cost obviously but like everything you pay for what you get, even the ball toys are made from rattan, plenty of platforms and caves to keep your Fat Cat exercised and happy.


A stunning designed piece of furniture and a great cat tree to boot, if you are looking for style and substance then this is the cat tree for you, however comes at a price.


Cinnamon, Natural Cat Scratching Post

best cat tree

For those who have limited space this cat tree is perfect for you, standing at just 31in its one of the shortest on the market.

Built sturdy and covered in a great hard wearing sisal rope it feels really indestructible and will stand up to the strongest cat attack, infused with catnip this will get your Fat Cat instantly attracted to the cat tree.


Lacking the extras the others have it more than makes up for it by being a really good sturdy cat tree, with solid sisal rope and scratchpad its sure to keep your cat happy and exercised, on a down side it lacks easy climbing for older cats and kittens.



SmartCat Multi-Level Climber

And the winner is…. Can only be the absolute genius of the smart cat multi level, when space is a premium or even just because its brilliant this cat tree is just amazing.

Hangs on the back of any door with four levels all covered in high quality sisal rope what more could you ask for, easy to move it just un-clips and is ready to go, nice and high to give the most adventurous cat some strong exercise.


Love it, strong, fun and incredibly practical this is a must buy for anybody with limited space or adventurous cats, the only downside is it might not be an easy climb for older cats and kittens

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