Cat litter best brands review

Having bred BSH, Ragdolls and Bengals for the past 10 years I feel the need to talk about cat litter and the problems arising from them. Having the right cat litter can help or hinder cleaning so here are my thoughts, you don’t have to follow my opinion but you may find it helpful when making a decision.

When you buy your kitten, it will be using what the breeder uses so continue to use this one until the kitten has settled or if you get along with it, keep using it.

Another thing to think of: is whether you have indoor cats or cattery cats, you don’t want any unnecessary mess indoors but may not mind it too much outside where you can clean with the hose.

Some products on the market are basic and cheap, if this is what you want to use that is fine but they are usually very messy, some turn into sticky clay when used and this gets everywhere.

The wood based ones are fine too with the added benefit of being recyclable so easy to dispose of, but again they turn to sawdust as soon as they are used and this can be messy and also can get into the coat and eyes of the cat/kitten.

The clumping ones are good but you use a lot more than you would ordinary cat litter, this is because they absorb moisture in a big clump which is disposed of in the bin. Very efficient but works out expensive.

Many cat litter companies claim to be the best but until you have given them a trial you cannot be sure this is for your cat and you, or whether it is economical enough, especially if you have several cats.

Cats of all descriptions whether a British Shorthair or long haired Ragdoll or a Bengal are very particular when it comes to using a litter tray so it is important to get it right, most cats prefer at least two litter trays, one for wee and one for solids, if you have clean litter you have clean cats and kittens.

Cat litter also varies in weight, some are heavy like the clay type and some are light, as in the sawdust and paper variety, this can lead to one big mess and inside in particular you want to avoid any mess.

As a breeder I have tried many so here is my review:

Cheap supermarket cat litter.

Sticky when wet and the cats get it on their pads and take it everywhere leaving a residue of clay which is hard to remove from some surfaces.

Wood based Cat litter.

Smells great when fresh, turns to sawdust when wet, won’t always go through the scoop so a lot of wastage, once sawdust often gets into the eyes and coat of the cat or kitten, leaves a residue of sawdust everywhere.

Paper based cat litter.

I personally would not use this on my cats as it becomes a mess very soon going to mush with the wee of a stud cat so you have to change it very often, however it is easy to dispose of but regular cleaning is essential.

The worlds’ best cat litter.

Having tried this I found it to be good to start with but then became wet and lay heavy in the tray, didn’t last so long as some cat litter so needed replacing often. A little mess but not too bad.

Coconut based cat litter.

This one was messy when wet and awkward to scoop solids, gives off a smell when used a little bit, on the good side you can dispose of it fairly easily in a compost bin, but again quite expensive for the money.

Oko Cat Litter.

This is 100% all natural organic fibre litter.
This does as it says on the packet but is very light and therefore the cats take it everywhere and spread it when covering up. It is a good product and lasts longer but if only it didn’t get carried so far by the cats.

Catsan Cat Litter

For many years I have tried new products and I have always gone back to Catsan Cat Litter, it is clean and heavy enough for the cats not to spread it too far, it lasts for quite a while even with the stud cat trays (they wee a lot more) you can scoop solids out without too much waste. Cats will spread cat litter so you will still get some mess but not too much. It is not the cheapest litter but I feel it is the right one for my cats and use it from the kitten stage right through their lives.

best cat litter

If there could be a combination of Catsan and Oko then I think we would have the right mix to be heavy enough and absorbent enough for the ideal solution to cat litter.

After all, cat litter is expensive for what it is and you do need it to ensure your cats are clean so it is an important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy. A clean cat is a happy cat and less likely to have problems with the litter tray.

This is just my opinion but I hope you have found it helpful, it is important to have the right choice for your kitten/cat and also for you as you are the one who has to clean it and there is nothing worse than a smelly messy cat litter tray.

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