Cat enclosures, keep cats: Indoor or outdoor?

Obviously this has a big bearing on cat health and fitness, outdoor cats tend to be a lot more active and fit, keeping weight off easily where sometimes house cats can get lazy and without stimulation might be opposed to getting fit.

So should you allow your cat to go outside? This is something to consider very carefully. A cat is very energetic so ideally needs space but is the outside the right place for him/her?

Indoor cats need stimulation and attention if they are to remain calm and happy, without stimulation your cat will become destructive and domineering. If stimulation and games are provided your cat will live very happily indoors and be a very loyal and loving companion.

Another thing to consider is that an indoor cat will not pick up the same undesirable pests and diseases from other animals, neither is he/she likely to get injured or stolen, which is on the increase particularly for some cats because they are worth a lot of money. Another thing to consider is that if you keep your cat indoors you will have a smelly litter tray to clean daily.

Cat enclosures for outdoor cats.

Outdoor cats have the advantage of being able to explore to their hearts content but may devastate the local wildlife so you might not be popular. If allowed outside your cat could get into fights with other cats or dogs and get injured which could be quite costly at the vets.

Gardeners will not be pleased if your cat has used his/her vegetable plot for its toilet, neither will the neighbor if they use the child’s sand pit for this purpose. Your cat could get lost or stolen causing anguish to those who love him/her. Your pet could bring home undesirable fleas and ticks, but will be free to roam and no smelly litter tray to clean.

Having to make this decision is important because you need to look at all possibilities and imagine what it would be like if you lost your pet to disease, injury or thieves. Even if you live in an isolated place these things can still happen. A cat would love to roam free and explore the world around him/her it would be in its natural habitat and cats in general love to be independent and free. Ultimately the choice has to be yours.

One option some people have considered is having an outdoor run for your cat which he/she can use during the day or when you are not at home to play with or keep an eye on them. Your cat can have the best of both worlds in a limited space, but can experience the outside life with plenty of things to entertain him/her without being able to be destructive.

Our Favorite Cat Enclosures.

ABO Gear Happy Habitat

Not a permanent solution but a really good treat for an indoor kitty, give a house cat a little taste of the outside with this cat enclosure.

cat enclosures

Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure for Decks, Patios, Balconies

Great to attach to a cat flap and give your cat an option to pop outside and get some fresh air and lounge in the sun, with doors at each end you can take this out to your lawn and let your Fat Cat get some natural exercise.

cat enclosure

Kittywalk Town-&-Country Pet Enclosure

A nice big solution to keeping your indoor cats healthy and happy, the perfect way to exercise a Fat Cat, plenty of space for your cats to run, jump and have fun.

cat enclosure

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